Nature Connection is proud to carry the work of many area artists and crafts people.   We particularly look for items that depict nature, are of high quality craftsmanship, and offer a wide range of choices for our customers.  Categories that we are particularly interested in are listed on the home page.  Read the information and then fill out and return the form if you think that your work would be a good fit for the store.

New artists are carried on a consignment basis only.  Payment occurs approximately once per quarter, at least 45 days after the sale of each item paid.  Percentages are negotiated on an individual basis.

Because of the large number of vendors that we already carry, the buyer is unable to meet with every interested party and is not able to accommodate drop-in visits.  

If you feel that your work meets our criteria and that you can work with us under the stated conditions; please complete the attached form and return it to the store.

If the buyer is interested in considering your work, you will be contacted for an appointment within 45 days.  Generally, appointments are not scheduled during fourth quarter (October through December).  We want to be able to give each selected vendor the time and attention needed to effectively develop a strong working relationship and appropriately position their products.  Repeated contacts to check the status of an application will not improve the applicant’s chances of being considered. Your patience and your interest are appreciated.

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